Digital Marketing Services

We provide Digital Marketing Services involving Graphic Design, Custom Websites, Landing Pages, Social Media Integration, Email Marketing, Online Coupons and Contests, SMS Messaging / Geo-Fencing and Display Banners Ads to communicate your products and services to the world.

Digital Marketing - Graphic Design We help you to visually promote and communicate your problem-solving services and products by combining well thought out text with engaging images to create a stunning advertisement piece that will trigger action.

Digital Marketing - Custom Websites We know, each customer brings unique marketing challenges and an internal management structure that needs to be addressed. Our goal is to work closely with your team and ideas to develop a customized website that will help overcome any difficulties.

Digital Marketing - Landing Pages Landing pages are often linked from social media, email campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. The general goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into sales or leads.

Digital Marketing - Social Media Integration Our CMS features built-in buttons at the top of pages that link to major social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and RSS feeds. Additionally, the system has an integrated email function that allows customers to easily share web site pages to friends and family.

Digital Marketing - SMS Messaging Marketing / Online Coupons Our Coupon Savings Center can help customers find great deals, using coupons at each of your store locations. Our coupon deployment is secure and flexible and offers you the ability to customize coupons and savings through our Digital Coupon Deployment.

Digital Marketing - Email Marketing We support large-scale email marketing campaigns and have experience managing monthly distributions of emails, in the millions.

Digital Marketing - List Building Promo Digital and Print’s email database allows you to reach hundreds of thousands of prospects with the opportunity to convert them into your customers, in one shot. The highest quality data sources, combined with our regularly deployed extensive updating and cleaning processes, allows us to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers with a 95% inbox delivery rate, almost effortlessly.

Digital Marketing - Online Contests / Sweepstakes We develop unique and exciting online contests/sweepstakes with effective in-store tie-ins to further strengthen excitement and awareness, significantly increasing the number of participants using their active Facebook accounts.

Digital Marketing - SMS Messaging Marketing / Geo-Fencing We create engagement based on someone’s real time location. Customers that have been opted-into services that allow retailers to use their location are the most loyal customers, and being able to communicate with them at just the right time can increase buying frequency and profits.

Digital Marketing - Lead Nurturing (Pre-CRM) Responder Automatic follow up on those prospects who viewed your emails but didn't visit your site or those who visited your site but did not make a purchase, the responder provides valuable information to prospective customers by sending a series of well-timed relevant messages based on the sections of your site they visited.

Digital Marketing - Display Animated and Static Banner Ads

Our Display Banner Ads combined with our Audience Targeting, Behavioral Targeting and Traffic Retargeting solutions build your brand across multiple channels such as; Facebook Exchange, Google’s Search and Display Networks, Audience Targeting and Retargeting to get you qualified site visitors and ultimately, increasing conversions.

Digital Marketing - Data Management We collect quantifiable performance and behavior data in order to achieve measurable results. The use of tracking cookies allows us to assign personalized ads to those prospects who interacted with your emails or visited your site and left without making a purchase, bring them back to your site as they browse the web.

Digital Marketing - Analytical Reporting Our proprietary analytics, video analytics and Google analytics in combination with the latest computer programming and operation research technology allows us to quantify, analyze and optimize performance. Promo Digital and Print processes and organizes raw data for analysis, clean and model the collected raw data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, predicting outcomes and supporting decision-making.

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