Integrated Marketing Services

Our Print and Digital Integrated Marketing Services allow you to promote your products in both printed and digital mediums simultaneously, increasing your products exposure and sales; and giving you better ROI on your advertising dollars.

Integrated Marketing Printing Services We provide an integrated communication service involving graphic design, print & mail, inserts, catalogues, web offset printing, bindery and the marriage mail program, to achieve the most efficient way to communicate your products and services.

  • ✔ Graphic Design
  • ✔ Inserts & Flyers
  • ✔ Magazines & Booklets
  • ✔ Bindery Services

Integrated Marketing Mailing Services The Promo Digital & Print National Direct Mail Program delivers unsurpassed reach – not to mention valuable advertising – into the hands of millions of consumers each week. With unparalleled reach to 9 out of 10 households, up to 70 million households a week and 111 million bi-weekly.

  • ✔ Highly cost effective at less than a dollar per household.
  • ✔ National services covers over 50 markets, including hard-to-reach rural areas.
  • ✔ Saturate an entire area or target a neighborhood.
  • ✔ Enhanced versioning gets the right message to the right customer.
  • ✔ Comprehensive services including strategic targeting, printing and digital services with analysis metrics.

Integrated Marketing Digital Services We provide an integrated communication service involving Graphic Design, Custom Websites, Landing Pages, Social Media Integration, Email Marketing, Online Coupons and Contests, SMS Messaging / Geo-Fencing and Automated Banners to communicate your products and services in the most efficient way.

  • ✔ Graphic Design
  • ✔ Custom Websites
  • ✔ Landing Pages
  • ✔ Social Media Integration
  • ✔ SMS Messaging Marketing
  • ✔ Email Marketing
  • ✔ Accelerated List Building
  • ✔ Digital Online Contest
  • ✔ SMS Messaging Marketing / Geo-fencing
  • ✔ Lead Nurturing (Pre-CRM) Responder
  • ✔ Online Animated & Static Banners
  • ✔ Data Management
  • ✔ Analytical Reporting

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